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The Medical Room's vocational training programme is the only competency-based, practical training available in Australia for Biomedical Technicians and Engineers and has been developed and designed to provide the fundamentals of the maintenance and repair of medical devices. 

The Medical Room's training programme was developed in the United Kingdom, in partnership with Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It is a modular programme with both theoretical and practical learning and is specifically designed to provide candidates with the competencies they require for the effective support of medical devices found in hospital or clinical environments. Trainees learn:

  • How to work safely in the clinical and technical environments 

  • How medical equipment is used safely in the clinical environment 

  • Physiology as required to understand the medical equipment and its function 

  • How to maintain, test and repair medical equipment, including hands-on practical sessions with the relevant medical devices and test equipment.

The training programme has been tailored to meet the Australian requirements and competencies. The modules may either be completed separately to fill in knowledge or skills gaps for established Biomedical Technicians or Engineers or taken together to achieve a qualification.

Candidates successfully completing Modules 0 and 4 subsequent modules will be awarded the: 

Certificate of Medical Equipment Technologies

which is a recognised UK Award accredited by the Open College Network. In Australia, accreditation to Advanced Diploma level is underway.

Download our Australian training brochures here: 

A qualification or equivalent experience in a relevant electrical or electronic discipline is required for commencement of The Medical Room Training. If you don't yet have an electrical/electronics qualification - get in touch to ask about our pre-course electronics training.


Unit  Location Dates Cost
0 - Biomedical Electrical Safety Testing SYD (Waratah Private) 1-3 May $AUD700 (2 days) or $AUD900 (3 days)
2 - Physiological Monitoring and Infusion Equipment MELB (Sunbury) 14-18 May $AUD1350
3 - Operating Theatre & Surgical Equipment  MELB (Sunbury) 21-25 May $AUD1350
0 - Biomedical Electrical Safety Testing MELB (Sunbury)  25-26 Jun $AUD700 (2 days) or $AUD900 (3 days)
2 - Physiological Monitoring and Infusion Equipment SYD (Westmead) 30 Jul-3 Aug $AUD1350
3 - Operating Theatre & Surgical Equipment  SYD (Westmead) 6-10 Aug $AUD1350
5 - Anaesthetic Equipment    SYD (Westmead) 20-24 Aug $AUD1500
1 - Cardiovascular Equipment MELB (TBA)    3-7 Sept  $AUD1350
0 - Biomedical Electrical Safety Testing (Optional Patient Area Testing) SYD (Westmead) 26-28 Sept  $AUD1350
4 - Servicing Ventilation Equipment MELB (Footscray) 12-16 Nov $AUD1500                  
5 - Servicing Anaesthetic Equipment     MELB (Footscray) 19-23 Nov $AUD1500
4 - Ventilation Equipment  SYD (Westmead) 26-30 Nov $AUD1500
1 - Cardiovascular Equipment SYD (Westmead) 3-7 Dec $AUD1350

* Please note that all training attracts 10% GST which is not included in above pricing.

To find out more and or book a place on one of our biomedical technical training courses today, please email

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